Ukrainian Christmas Trip!

So to start off, my trip was amazing. There were some hardships and a few tears, but all in all it was fantastic. This trip definitely tested my faith in God and showed me that I need to look to him for strength. He is my rock and I trust soley in him. After I got back this summer, my life changed completely. Since my last trip, it has changed even more. My walk with Christ is straighter and my faith has become stronger. This trip I learned so much about trusting in the Lord. I never realized how much I need him and how much I need to rely on him. 
The struggles during this trip made me realize that what my mom and I are about to begin is NOT an easy thing at all and without God by our side there is NO way we are going to able to accomplish anything. But the one thing I have to remember the most is that it is not about me or my success but about my faithfulness to Him.. He’s got all the rest covered.

Being with the kids was a whole other experience compared to the one this summer. A lot of the kids weren’t there which was sad but most of the ones I spent my time with during the first trip were. Dima was good. There were some rough moments with him and I prayed very very hard concerning him but through those rough moments my relationship with him became stronger. Dima means everything to me and I know I am suppose to be with him. Sasha was great as well. Though he’s shorter and younger than me, he protected me and kept we safe while I was with him. He is my precious gift and I am so thankful for him. God was so incredibly good to me while I was there and he helped me get through those rough moments in one piece. 
 My time spent there was a blessing. The new relationships I made and the older ones God made stronger made everything I went through to get there worth it. This trip, though very difficult, reaffirmed what I know I am suppose to be doing. Yes, it is very crazy and Yes, it’s going to be difficult, but I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me.


First Newsletter – Hannah is in Ukraine

Okay, our first official newsletter… Faraway Place is up and running.  Hannah is in Ukraine at the orphanage we visited this past summer.   She has gone there to tell Dima (the boy we wanted to adopt and could not because I am a single mom) that we have not abandoned him and will be there to get him sometime in 2011.  I have not heard from her since her arrival on 12/30 and I am crazy with worry but confident in our Lord; He’s got her back!  She is blessed to be with our kids and they are blessed to have her there. 

Lake Brantley, “Faraway Place Club,” raised enough money doing fund raisers to buy winter gloves for every child at the orphanage.  Wow, teens giving back to teens, you gotta love that. 
Lake Brantley Faraway Place Club
As I sit here typing, my mind races with anticipation for Hannah to be home and for me to hear her AMAZING stories.  Mostly, will Dima want to be with us?  When we get there will the others trust enough to live with us and learn life skills, go to school and discover the Lord?  Wow, sometimes I simply cannot breathe.  Okay, I am going to my happy place (Hannah’s smile).
Hannah and Dima
I have a meeting tomorrow at FBAS… they believe in the goals of Faraway Place and have agreed to help us achieve Gods’ desires with respect to our mission.  Our Silent Auction will be held at their facility sometime at the end of April or begining of May. Cory, pray for him, he answered our cry for help and has a vision unobstructed by politics and instead rooted in God’s love.  Faraway Place is blessed to have such an AWESOME church and congregation involved in sharing the Gospel of the Lord while providing safe haven and love for teens that would otherwise never stand a chance at much more than surviving. 
Enough for now… love all of you and I will share more soon.  Keep looking up, Michelle