Ukraine: Krivoy Rog 1st Camp!

Ukraine: Krivoy Rog 1st Camp!
No words can decribe the love I have for the kids in the first camp. Krivoy Rog was an experience all in itself. These kids were loveable and accepted our team with open hearts. Don’t get me wrong, these kids definitely need Jesus, but they were more recpetive to hearing about him then the kids at Vovkavinci.
Two kids to remeber. First Ruslan. This boy is so incredible. He has a good spirit and a beautiful heart. I must have at least 300 pictures of him on my camera. It’s safe to say he has part of my heart and will forever be apart of me. He was always smiling and when things were rough for him, you could tell he looked for God. I had long conversations with him about his belief in God and how he knew he was saved.. His response.. He knew he had Jesus in his heart because he could feel him there! It was incredible to hear about his past and the wrongs that he did and how he has overcome them. He is one of those kids that you “just know” God is working in. I miss him so much and pray for him almosy everyday!
Nastya is the second orphan who will forever be apart of me. She is a beautiful person, inside and out. I didn’t really get to know her until 2 nights before I left but the last 24 hours in Krivoy Rog with her were amazing. She became my best friend. She is 17 and goes to church often. We did not leave eachothers side the last day and a half I was there. I ended up staying an extra day with the Ukrainians and I am absolutely postitve she is the reason the circumstances worked out so that I could stay. Words cannot describe how much I miss her and how much I wish I was with her.. I ended up getting a phone while in Kiev and I call her everyday from it. Though our conversations are limited because of my lack in Russian, she knows how much I love and care about her. This girl has been through so much and has lived at that orphanage since she was 3 but it does not affect her attitude in any way. She is always smiling and you can just tell she has God in her heart. When I was leaving she was telling me about a church camp that she wants to go to.. I cannot wait to see the plans God has for her.
The expericence at Krivoy Rog is indescrible. The love I have for those children is beyond words. know that God was working in that camp and I hope and pray that he will continue to live through the kids there.