Last Camp: Barvenok

The third camp was very different than the other two. The conditions were definitely worse and the kids were not motivated. This time I had 9-13 year old boys, kind of like I had in Krivoy Rog, but of course these boys were completely different.
Two boys from that camp to remember are Vasya and Roma! These boys just shined. There was really never a moment when I didn’t see them smiling, and when they would see me they would yell my name and run to me and give me a huge hug. They squezed me so hard sometimes that it actually hurt. When I first met Vasya, he was in all black and had one of his ears pierced. I thought he was going to be a rebel and not really listen during group and kind of shrug us off but I was soooo wrong. He was the sweetest kid with a huge heart. When I saw this in him, I knew he would be one of my favorites. One day I sat him down with Ira and we talked about his life and his relationship with God. His dad is an alcoholic and he has no idea if his mom is dead or alive. He’s been at the orphanage for two years which I think is tough. He is 12 years old and now he has to live in these crappy conditions that he didn’t know before but he has a good heart about it. When I told him a little bit about myself and some of the similiarities between us he opened up more. I told him I knew that what he’s going through sucks, but that God has a plan. And that there have been many times in my life where I have questioned God about what I’m going through and why I am going through it but in the end, God always comes through and is always there for me. After this Cody McMurrin came up and helped me talk to him about accepting Jesus. It was such an amazing experience to go step by step with someone in their walk to salvation. It was so exiciting and we got him a Bible which was awesome! I already miss him so much and seeing his smiling face whenever he sees me and tickeling him in the morning to wake him up. I am so excited to see how God works in his life.
Roma was such a cute kid with such a sweet heart. Him and Vasya were such good friends and spent every minute together. He was forever asking for my camera and taking really good pictures. Unfortunately, I was not able to talk to him about God, which I regret a lot, but I know that God is going to work in his life and maybe even use Vasya to do that. He was also always smiling and forever giving me a hug. I am so privileged that God gave me the opportunity to serve these kids. 

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